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TB6 cover

In this issue: True Faith: an interview with Terry Butcher by Susan Gardiner; Working Overtime: Nigel “Needles” Nosworthy gives the low-down on his career as ITFC’s tattoo artist by Gavin Barber; Wilderness: what it was like for Coventry City fans to have to play at another club’s ground. Two articles by CCFC supporters, Tom Murden and Sam Gayton; Transmission: Emma Corlett wonders if she’ll be able to pass her love for Town on to her daughter; Regret: Rob Freeman on the Ched Evans case; Special: an interview with George Burley by Gavin Barber; Here to Stay: further memoirs of our nineteenth-century correspondent, Peregrine Cuttlefish; Fine Time: memories of Wembley 2000 by James Scowcroft, Tony Mowbray and fans; Sub-culture: a brief history of ITFC fanzines by Susan Gardiner; Love Will Tear Us Apart: why we produce Turnstile Blues by Gavin Barber; Temptation: a new app for finding non-league matches; Unknown Pleasures: non-league football by Alasdair Ross.

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TB6 cover


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TB5 In this issue: East to East by Graham Downes; Fair’s Fair (on FFP and the Championship) by Rob Freeman; a sideways look at some of our – er – less successful signings by Gavin Barber, who has also written amusingly about a youthful trip to Moscow; Grant Bage pays tribute to a woman who “never played football and very rarely went,” but was nevertheless an important part of his Ipswich Town experience; journalist Nick Ames writes about Town’s connections with players from the Balkans; Susan Gardiner has spoken to Shane Supple about his time at PR and considers “life, football and the pursuit of happiness,” and there’s the usual fun stuff.



TB4cover  CONTENTS of Turnstile Blues, issue 4: The theme of our latest issue, which was edited by Emma Corlett is co-operation and community and it includes: That’s Entertainment by Gavin Barber, Susan Gardiner writes about Dale Roberts, Stephen Skeet on the parting of ways between ITFC and the Charitable Trust, Hull City AFC supporter and campaigner, Mark Gretton on No To Hull Tigers, Ten Reasons to Be Cheerful: why football is co-operative as well as competitive by Grant Bage, Emma Corlett suggests football clubs should give something back to their local community, we publish an EXCLUSIVE: a copy of a memorandum from Planet Blue’s Retail Overlord on the new marketing strategy (intercepted by Gavin Barber – we don’t know how he keeps managing to find all this stuff), Stuart Hellingsworth writes about mental health and football, Susan Gardiner looks at the role of the Supporter Liaison Officer and talks to ITFC’s own SLO, Sally Webb, Rob Freeman highlights that February is “Football v Homophobia month of action” with a piece about that subject and Alasdair Ross ask whether ITFC could or should do more to help local clubs further down the football ladder.

Turnstile Blues 4 costs £2.50 (sent by First Class post), please click on the cover image below



TB3 CONTENTS of Turnstile Blues, issue 3: Doing it for the kids (editorial) by Gavin Barber,  Susan Gardiner on Bobby Robson and young players, A league of their own by the late William McGregor, Grant Bage writes about how the Academy looks after those who don’t make the big time, Rob Freeman on EPPP, exclusive interview with Adam Tanner and an ex-Town player who was his contemporary by Emma Corlett, Nick Ames on youth development in West Africa, Alasdair Ross wonders whether Robson’s coaches could have scouted closer to home, interview with Susan Gardiner about her new book, Ipswich Town: A History, Joe Fairs reviews last season’s Academy, FREE half-time Bingo game.

Turnstile Blues 3 (Children of the Revolution) costs £2.50 (sent by First Class post), please click on the cover image below



BMCCOVER  CONTENTS of Turnstile Blues, issue 2: Editorial by Rob Freeman, Gavin Barber takes a sceptical look at the Cobbold era, there are more of the Simon Clegg Letters, Stuart Hellingsworth on Town fans and prejudice, The Two MDs by Gavin Barber, Rob Freeman on football’s authorities, Grant Bage asks Marcus Evans to talk to us (we’re still waiting), Susan Gardiner writes about the Supporters’ Club, Alasdair Ross on supporters’ trusts, A View from Elsewhere (AFC Wimbledon) by Clair Richardson, Stephen Skeet writes about Greek club FC Panathinaikos, Dave Gooderham on Town heroes (and villains), FREE fantasy football. 

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TB1 cover

  CONTENTS of Turnstile Blues, issue 1: Mr. Blue Sky thinking (editorial) by Susan Gardiner, Gavin Barber divulges the contents of Simon Clegg’s lost USB memory stick, Alistair Rattray takes a look at how ITFC might improve its relationship with fans on and off the pitch, Susan Gardiner asks who really owns ITFC, Football Transfers for Dummies by Richard Woodward, Joe Fairs on how EPPP could affect Town,  Rob Freeman examines the club’s finances, former CE of Supporters’ Direct, Dave Boyle looks at the bigger picture, Mullet on the Supporters’ Club, Gavin Barber on passing his Town inheritance down to his son, Emma Corlett on the dilemma of bringing up a daughter with divided loyalties, The FA Youth Cup-winning squad of 2005: where are they now? by Susan Gardiner.

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14 Responses to Fanzines

  1. Andrew Meekins says:

    We picked up the Turnstile blues on Saturday’s home game and it is great , your should think about doing more . It has put in to words what we as town fans think .

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks Andrew, pleased you enjoyed it. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response and how quickly they sold. We’re talking about what to do next, but this took a lot of time and hard work to put together and we all have work/family other commitments. We certainly seemed to have struck a chord with many town fans, which is reassuring. Emma (@tractorgirly)

  3. D Laycock says:

    Picked up on what you’ve done from the publicity today – what a well put-together, passionate defence of our club. You are true Blues, and I applaud you. I don’t agree withe everything you have to say, (though I do with a lot) but that’s not important. It’s much more important that you are speaking up – in such a constructive way – and giving a voice to the fans who are hurting under this crazy regime. More power to your elbow!

    • Thank you so much for your comments (Susan here). We really appreciate them and the huge amount of positive feedback we have had. We all love the club and want the best for it. Hopefully we can start to change things from this small beginning.

  4. Peter Farrell-Vinay says:

    Sad to see your sense of humour (oh and concern for football) is not matched by Suffolk Police.

    Next time, please sell from your original post and don’t be “persuaded” to move 50 yards away.

  5. Emma says:

    Thanks Peter. Had our seller not had his children with him I think we would have stayed put. What the police failed to say in their statement was that although told he “didn’t have to move” when asked what would happen if he didn’t he was told “I will have to ask uniformed officers to come down”. The words Breach of the peace and arrest were used several times. Designed to intimidate I believe, and the police were very clear that “the club” had asked them to act. I think it is unfair that the club seem to be trying to ‘hang out to dry’ one particular member of security staff, rather than taking responsibility for this sorry shambles. They have though, illustrated some of the points that we were trying to make in the ‘zine rather beautifully. And we keep being told that Clegg is some kind of PR guru? :-) Emma

  6. Izzy says:

    I’d like to thank Suffolk Police for trying to arrest your seller. Because of them, your ‘zine was discussed on Naked Football, on ICR, so I was able to down-load and read it. Without the police’s heavy-handed actions, I might not have heard about your excellent magazine :-)

    I thought your piece on the finances was really interesting. Any idea why a business man, like Marcus Evans, would want to accumulate debt? If we understood that one, maybe we’d know why they keep failing to sell players before their contracts run out.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Izzy. Thanks for your comments. I think understanding how the football part of the “business” fits with / benefits other parts of the business empire could well help our understanding. Is what is bad for ITFC bad for ME enterprises? I suspect not. I find it really worrying that we can’t seem to find out where our club is registered for business purposes. Certainly adds to the muddied waters that an average football supporter like myself struggles to wade through. I feel generally uneasy about the whole set up, and getting involved with Turnstile Blues is, I hope, the first step to working out what questions we need to be asking, then trying to find answers! Emma

  7. Kevan says:

    bought a copy from you in the Greyhound, a good read, passed it on to another Town fan at the AFC Totton FA Cup game today. Living away from Ipswich i jiI dihadn’t realised quite how bad things have got, the atmosphere v Cardiff was awful. I am one of the lucky ones, following them in the 70s and 80’s, invreasingly difficult to ge the youngsters behind them.

    mag could do with a few more pictures/cartoons

    • Thanks, Kevan (Susan here). Thanks for your comments and for spreading the word by passing your copy on to another Town fan. I think you’re right about the lack of images & hopefully we can improve that if we produce subsequent issues. Sorry that your relatively rare visit to PR was for the Cardiff game. I was there too unfortunately. Let’s hope that things have changed for the better by your next visit.

  8. Kevin Bailey says:

    This is a terrific combination of sad, very funny, nostalgic, amusing and interesting, and congratulations to all involved.
    I have been posting similar, yet much briefer comments on ME and his finances on EADT when not moderated out, and I must say that more and more supporters seem to be at least trying to find out what is going on, whereas initially (a couple of years ago) I was either abused, or called mad for doubting ME.
    The fact that the club asked your seller to move, when he had his children with him, is, at best, poor judgement.
    To then deny that it was the club afterwards, is just cowardly, and tells you all you need to know about the PR skills of the man at the centre of turnstilegate, none other than Clegg.
    Keep up the good work, and I fear being an Ipswich supporter is going to be nothing to have any pleasure attached to it for some time, unless Clegg leaves, and ME starts running the club properly.
    I fear it will get very much worse as yet.

  9. Emma says:

    Hi Kevin (Emma here). Thanks for your comments. One of the things we had hoped to achieve was to get people asking more questions about what is really going on. I understand what you mean about the lack of pleasure in being a town fan, but for many of us involved in producing the fanzine, pre match lunch in the greyhound and discussing ideas for future articles and meeting like minded people – not to mention some of the lovely comments we have had – has given us a great deal of itfc related pleasure. One thing that Evans and Clegg cannot trample all over.

  10. Kevin Bailey says:

    Hi Emma
    Good point on the pleasure front, I really should have been more specific!
    All I want to see is a manager like Karl Robinson, with a Director of Football type role, for someone like Mick Mills, who could act as the go between, so that the manager can manage, and not have to deal with ME directly too often.
    If ME would not like that, and would want to have more direct involvement, then maybe we can start to see why it has all gone a bit wrong.
    I am in a self-imposed exile until Clegg leaves, although I will be at the Club AGM and will be proposing a motion of no confidence in Clegg, and also ME.
    Should liven things up a bit!

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