Hi, Thank you for October issue (1) of turnstile blues, very informative read, – please could you if possible advise me the best method of obtaining MARCUS EVANS book as featured on inside cover I have searched internet & enquired at numerous book retailers all to no avail.

                                              Many thanks.
                                                Mr. B G Gasson (town supporter for 40 yrs)
TB Editor replies: Thank you for your letter & we are pleased that you found Turnstile Blues informative. Marcus Evans: the Brilliance Behind the Greatness by Pickle Nigeover can be pre-ordered EXCLUSIVELY from the publishers. Please send £49.50 (plus £85 p&p, tax deductible) to the following address: Helipad & Haven, 2007-2013 Offshore Road, The Bahamas.

 Excellent! This is a very professional production that combines wit with insight into the ills that currently inhabit ITFC.
I hope that you find the time, with your colleagues, to continue the publication beyond a once-off issue.
I have been a supporter, since 1958, when as a 16 year old rugby-playing schoolboy, I was walking past the ground and was lured by the palpable excitement generated by the throng of supporters crowding around the old, narrow (unpainted) entrances to the (then) Churchman’s stand.  I joined them and saw Town thrash Doncaster Rovers with either Tom Garneys or Ted Philips scoring 4 goals. The great Harry Gregg was in goal for Doncaster. Completely hooked, I didn’t miss a home match for years and went to as many away games as possible. I remember well Fulham away, Boxing Day, in the fog, when we lost 10-1. In our cup year, i flew home from Nigeria to watch both the semi-final and the final.
These days, mainly because of long-term illness, I don’t go to PR.  However, I do follow closely the happenings both on and off the field and I am deeply saddened by our plight and fear for the future of the club.
Turnstile Blues offered that flash into the darkness that uplifts the dulled spirit.

Best wishes,

 “This club is different because it’s ours” ……..  Is there an opportunity to start a movement and take back the club for the fans?

I am 64 and retired but while I have lived overseas for more than 15 years I still have that passion for ITFC since watching them beat Burnley in the Championship winning season. And it is the supporters that make it special.  I have been at games where we lost 3 – 1 at home but we still had a great time because of the humout.  What kills it for me since Joe Royle left is managers (and CEOs) that don;t seem to have the ability to see things for what they are.  I could go on … but I would implore you or whoever is behind Turnstile Blues to take the next step and establish a formal organization with the aim of turning Evans into a true blue or taking back the club from him by raising funds through a new group of shareholders – maybe there is another Delia out there!!!

 I loved Mullet’s contribution the best.

  Gavin Barbers’ “It’s the fans, basically – the togetherness, the humour”   and “– the spirit of community –” sums it all up for me.



2 Responses to Letters

  1. Mark Wright says:

    There is no real direction for Ipswich right now. Marcus Evans, granted he has put a lot of money in to the club, has no understanding of the culture of the club. What I mean by that is we’re not a buying club, we’re not a kick and run club, we don’t buy average players in the same division we play in, we don’t hire run of the mile managers. Since Evans has been CEO we’ve had Roy Keane, Paul Jewell and Mick McCarthy all of them are famous for kick and run football with average at best players. We need a manager who knows how to get the best out of our youth system and understands how to scout exciting players. We’ve always found success with doing this. Let’s go back to what makes our club special.

    • Turnstile Blues says:

      Susan: Thanks for your comments, Mark. I do agree with you. We’re doing the fanzines and the website because we think that this club is very special (I think I can speak for everyone on that). Perhaps if we had better communication from the owner and greater transparency about finances and his plans for us (not bland PR statements about being “in it for the long haul,” but real information), we might feel happier. Who knows?
      The importance of a good youth system and scouting network can’t be overstated, imho.

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