About Turnstile Blues

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Turnstile Blues began when a small group of Ipswich Town fans, who were concerned about the direction they believed the club might be going in, came together with the idea of writing about their club.

The name Turnstile Blues refers to a statement by the then ITFC Chief Executive, Simon Clegg, that the Portman Road turnstiles had been repainted, a statement that was made during a period when many Town fans were deeply concerned about events on and off the pitch – even the possibility of relegation to the third tier of the Football League.

Having launched a successful issue of a fanzine of the same name, we decided to publish regular blogs and short pieces about ITFC by members of the group. We don’t claim to be speaking on behalf of anyone or representing a particular point of view but we hope you enjoy reading them and are interested in receiving your comments, e-mails and letters.

Following the favourable reception of the first Turnstile Blues, we have decided to continue publishing an occasional printed fanzine. Issue 4 was published on 1st February 2014.

All issues of Turnstile Blues can be obtained from this website. You can choose whether to order a printed copy of the fanzine by post or be sent a PDF by e-mail. We are a not-for-profit group and only want to cover our costs.

Turnstile Blues is a celebration of the club we love, but we hope that it also provokes interest and debate. As a group of Ipswich Town supporters, we felt that we had some common concerns about our football club. We don’t agree on everything, by any means, but there is a general feeling that the club is losing something that we value, whatever it is that makes Ipswich Town unique and special.

Turnstile Blues has been produced by an independent group of supporters of Ipswich Town Football Club. Any views expressed are those of the individual contributors and are not representative of any organisation that they may be involved with. The content does not reflect the views of Ipswich Town Football Club or its employees.  We are not connected with either the Ipswich Town Supporters’ Club or Ipswich Town 1st (Ipswich Town Independent Supporters’ Trust). Our views are completely independent and do not represent those of any political party. We are a not-for-profit group and any money we make is to cover our costs.

We don’t currently accept speculative submissions of writing either for the fanzine or as blogs.

Web editor: Email: editor@turnstile-blues.co.uk

We’d like to encourage people to leave comments. However, we reserve the right to remove anything that we consider to be offensive and/or abusive.

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