There are more questions than answers

Recently we asked ITFC a question via the medium of Twitter


We haven’t had a reply, but what’s new?

So we’d like to ask the Club a few more questions. Firstly, we ask again, when can we expect to hear official news about the final decision on our application for Cat. 1 status for the Academy?

We understand that additional information has been provided already but the required standard has still not been achieved and therefore an appeal has been lodged with the FA.

Has the FA given an indication to the Club as to when the decision on that appeal will be made, and, if so, when will that be?

How much money has been donated by fans/local businesses/sponsorship to the Academy Friends’ scheme to date?

Is the Academy paying the Club to use the training ground (bought from ITFC by Marcus Evans (Guernsey) Ltd in 2012) and, if so, how much is being charged?

How many people were employed by the Academy at the time of the audit and how many people are still on the payroll today? How many people who work for the Academy are also employed in other roles at the club?

We are disappointed that ITFC has not answered any of our questions about many different issues that concern a significant number of supporters – which we have sent them in the form of letters, e-mails and tweets – in the past and hope that they will engage with us now. We are all fans of long standing. Many are season ticket holders. All supporters, even if they are merely “customers” in the Club’s eyes, have the right to know what is going on at our football club. We believe that, in particular, those people who have given the Club donations through the Academy Friends’ scheme, in some cases substantial amounts of money, should be kept informed of what is happening on a more regular basis.

We look forward to hearing the answers to these questions and some others that we will be asking over the next few days.



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